Sunday, 28 March 2010

Women in the Church

At the moment I feel very undecided about so many things which people would view as obedience to God. Mainly head covering in public worship and women praying in public worship.

I certainly don't take a legalistic, all or nothing stand. I know what the Bible says about both issues and I worry greatly about blurring the lines by using Grace as our excuse for interpreting the Bible the way we want to use it to suit us.

I know that in 1 Corinthians ch 14 33-35 that it clearly states women should not speak in Church. I think this refers to praying aloud and preaching, correct me if I am wrong!

In 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16 the head covering is discussed. To me it is quite clear that women should wear a covering during public worship services at Church. Again correct me if you think I am wrong! I know some people argue that hair is a covering.

What I am confused about is that if people say they believe the Bible is the God breathed, inspired word of our Lord then why would people then take important instructions such as these and interpret them as they view them?

There is inconsistency all around. Women pray aloud in some meetings and not others, heads are covered in some and not other public meetings. It is more common to go to a Church in which women do take a leading role and do not cover their heads nowadays. I worry that the roles of men and women become confused and hazy.

People also say it is a personal thing between God and your relationship with Him but are we not asked to admonish each other in love? Colossians 3:16.

Covering your head is also such a public act and very visible in Church and I wonder if it sometimes can create divisiveness in Church between those who do and don't. At the moment I do not cover my head. I did for a very little while but then questioned my motives and stopped. Of course my salvation is the most important issue but if I want to live my life in obedience to God then surely I should be doing this?

What are your views on these issues? I would be interested to hear from women and men on these issues. My main worries are watering down Scripture, division in Church and changing for changes sake.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

bus stop blasphemy

Jacob, Emma and I were waiting on the school bus yesterday morning with a few of the other kids that get the bus. They are comical and quite sweet. However, I was shocked when one of the Primary 3 children shouted "Jesus" in a cursing way. Now when I say shocked, I don't mean to be naive, I just am surprised that a kid of around 7 or 8 would do this.

Jacob didn't see what was wrong with this so I had to explain to him how we shouldn't use Jesus' name in that way and that it is really not nice to say or hear. The wee boy was listening as well. I think the wee lad has probably heard someone else say it and is just copying but it just made me really aware of what I say to my kids and everything they pick up round about them.

So how do fellow parents deal with these kinds of things? How do we ensure our kids don't copy behaviour and language that is undesirable? How do we make them strong in their faith at such a young age without brainwashing them?

To be honest I find it a bit of a minefield!

Let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

forgive me please

I hope you can forgive my absence. I have been feeling quite unmotivated lately and can't quite pinpoint why but I have let a lot of things slide including blogging.

I am annoyed at this because my blog used to be an exercise in documenting my daily walk with God and to be brutally honest, my walk lately hasn't been daily. My prayer life is not what it should be, I haven't been reading my Bible as I should and I just haven't been thinking about God as I should. I am embarrassed to say these things but I need to be honest.

These are horrible habits to fall into and a nasty reminder of my life and what is what like without God. I haven't been turning to God as soon as I need Him lately and that is wrong. I need Him more than ever and every single minute, hour and day of my life.

I am sure that I can look at this as an attack from Satan. He sees my weak spots and homes in on them. However, I have to accept some of the blame also. I can't use the devil as an excuse for my laziness and falter into bad habits.

On another topic, does anyone have any advice on dealing with 5 year old boys? Mine has become an angry (not all of the time), cheeky, disrespectful, tantrum throwing monster. He is excelling at school and behaves very well there but at home he is making my life very difficult. I am beginning to despair and am unsure how to deal with this. It is almost like he doesn't like being at home just now and I have no idea why.

We have withdrawn privileges as punishment, smacked his bottom, dad has disciplined and nothing seems to change his behaviour.

I just don't know what else to try! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated or just similar experiences.

I am setting a goal of posting at least once a week at the moment as I am sure I can manage that and motivate myself to do so. Anything more will be a bonus for me!

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