Wednesday, 17 March 2010

bus stop blasphemy

Jacob, Emma and I were waiting on the school bus yesterday morning with a few of the other kids that get the bus. They are comical and quite sweet. However, I was shocked when one of the Primary 3 children shouted "Jesus" in a cursing way. Now when I say shocked, I don't mean to be naive, I just am surprised that a kid of around 7 or 8 would do this.

Jacob didn't see what was wrong with this so I had to explain to him how we shouldn't use Jesus' name in that way and that it is really not nice to say or hear. The wee boy was listening as well. I think the wee lad has probably heard someone else say it and is just copying but it just made me really aware of what I say to my kids and everything they pick up round about them.

So how do fellow parents deal with these kinds of things? How do we ensure our kids don't copy behaviour and language that is undesirable? How do we make them strong in their faith at such a young age without brainwashing them?

To be honest I find it a bit of a minefield!

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. How funny, I was thinking of you and then I checked my reader and you had a new post!

    We explain to our children what words and stuff we don't want them to use. We tell them that their friends may say them but they are not acceptable to come out of their mouths and that it makes God sad. So far that has worked and sometimes my oldest will point out to others they shouldn't say that.

  2. As a teacher, blasphemy ('oh my God' etc) is something that I don't allow in my classroom. I explain to the children why and generally they accept it. amazing though how it so much part of 'normal language now'

  3. So far, the only thing I have had to correct is "Oh my G" ... I explained to my daughter it wasn't nice because that person was using God's Name in a wrong way. Now every time she hears it on TV she looks at me, "Ohhhh Mommy. They shouldn't have said that."

  4. It is tough....we just have to keep explaining what is appropriate and what is not and mostly living it out in front of them.
    Hugs, andrea


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