Friday, 2 April 2010

Chocolate and the cross.

Well it's Good Friday again and Easter weekend and guess what? Chocolate! Now I love chocolate in all it's wonderful forms and so do my kids but I get disheartened at how Easter has become another season of things. The kids get Easter eggs, mini eggs, chocolate bunnies, Happy Easter this and Happy Easter that. But when do we actually stop and think about what it really is all about?

The resurrection is a hard thing for little ones to grasp but there are plenty of ways in which we can teach them the basics of what happened and get the message across that Jesus is alive.
The chocolate, while fun for the kids (and us!), takes away from the reason why we use this time of year to remember. Of course, we should as Christians remember this every day and not just become religious at these special times of year. If our children see us worshipping and remembering what Jesus did on the cross for us every day of our lives then what a wonderful example to set them. So much better than bombarding them with eggs and a message once a year.

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  1. isabelmarysmith@gmail.com3 April 2010 at 18:01

    Just noticed your wee post and thought I might post my first comment on your blog page!
    The resurrection of our Lord is pivotal to our salvation and our eternal hope as Christians. If Jesus hadn't risen our lives would be doomed. But, praise God, Jesus Lives!
    In his teaching sessions, Jesus used many object lessons to teach deep truths and I think the odd Easter egg enjoyed by our little ones (and us too!) is totally acceptable as a little tangeable pointer to the stone that the angel rolled away from the tomb. We don't sing a lot of songs at Eastertime in church about bunnies and chocolate; the reason behind this season is such a powerfully significant one that it cannot be taken away from by anything Cadburys could ever produce! You are right Collette when you say that the daily witness we are to our children will keep everything in perspective for them. We really don't need to be overly concerned that non-Christians do not see Easter as we do; that's the Holy Spirit's job. Ours is to ensure that our lives fully display the absolute joy, excitement and hope that this resurrection weekend speaks of. He is Risen!! Halleluah!!


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