Monday, 18 January 2010

A change of pace.

One thing I have learned from blogging is that life is full of seasons. The reason I started blogging was to keep an online journal of my daily walk with God and my life as a mother, wife and woman. My recent season has been a drought!

Life has changed again though. We are now in a new season. Colin used to work back shift but has now changed to days. This means I no longer have the car for transporting Jacob to and from school. Not a bad thing at all as I need the exercise. I am in the middle of applying for a place on the school bus for bringing Jacob home from school.

The other big change is that Emma has started nursery for 2 and a half hours a day. Today will be her third day. Emma is a very clingy girl so I have been very apprehensive about how she would do. The first day she let me leave her for the last 45 mins and the second day for the last 2 hours. There were tears but I was assured after them she was fine.

So today we have another afternoon at nursery. I don't know how she will be after the weekend. I am praying that she will be settled after a short while.

So that is the latest! Life has become hectic but I am trying to find God in the wee moments of peacefulness. Walking with Jacob to school was lovely this morning as we spotted birds and he said he loved the sounds of nature!! We walk by a main road so I am surprised he heard them!

I will post on how Emma gets on in the next few days!

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  1. Praying that Emma continues to make that transition so you won't worry about her!


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