Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Hello! Today is Thankful Thursday hosted by Sonya Lee over at Truth 4 the Journey. We are asked to list 5 things we are thankful for each week. There are so many things we can thank God for so I find this hard to narrow down.

Anyway here is my list of 5:

1) Freedom. In the UK we are free to worship in Church, we can have as many bibles as we like in our homes, people can preach the Gospel on the street if they wish. Yet in countries such as Iran and China people are persecuted for being Christians and suffer extreme violence because of their beliefs. We should never take our freedom for granted.

2)The Bible. In some countries bibles are banned and as a result of this are smuggled into the country. I am thankful that I can open my bible and reach into the word of God whenever I wish and as often as I want. I have never read my bible so much in recent years since starting this blog and am thankful that God is leading me in this way.

3) Encouraging posts from fellow bloggers! This week I have been particularly encouraged by other blog posts in areas such as my prayer life. So much so that I am now praying more and thinking of ways to make my prayer life more regular.

4) Fellowship with Christian friends. I had a lovely lunch today with some close friends from Church. Wehad most of our kids at my friend's house. In total there were 7 kids ranging from 5 months to 4 years old!! It was chaotic but lovely and I am thankful to God that all the kids get on so well together and play together giving us mums a chance to have a catch up!

5) My husband Colin. I lean on him so much during the week. He works backshifts so is around during the daytime and helps me out with the kids. He picks Jacob up from nursery and even lets me get a break from the kids in the afternoon for a nap or something. I pray that I never take him for granted.

Phew! You think you don't have much to write and then bam! it all comes pouring out.


  1. Loved your list today. I, too am thankful that Christianity is a free thing in the UK as well as here in the US. Unfortunately, I probably take it for granted too often. Great reminder though.

    Glad I stopped by and glad you joined in this week!

    God Bless,
    Sonya Lee

  2. Thank you for the great reminder that we have the freedom to religon. That is somethig that I think we do take for granted.
    Have a great week!

  3. Amen to your #1 and #2! I'm getting a little worried about our freedom over here in the US with our new President!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today!

    Blessings, Leslie

  4. Totally agree with 1 & 2!!...and very much agree with Leslie about our President...


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