Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Hi and welcome to another Thankful Thursday hosted by Sonya Lee over at Truth 4 the Journey.

Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a thankful attitude throughout the week, so I am glad for Thankful Thursday as it makes me focus on events over the week I should thank God for.

1. Lovely sunshine and dry weather! Of course we need the rain but we get that so much in Scotland it is so nice to get a great spell of weather. This means the washing goes out on the line, the kids head out into the garden and I crack on with chores!

2. Friends! We just had my lovely friends over for lunch and even though I am very tired today as I was up mega early it really refreshed me and was nice. Among us there are 8 kids and one in the oven but they were in and out the back garden enjoying the sun!

3. Supermarket shopping online - a silly one but a great help for me. Doing my weekly shop online allows me to budget better, (no impulse buys!), and spend more quality time with the kids.

4. Holidays! Tomorrow is the end of the school/nursery term and my wee boys last day at nursery. He starts school after the holidays. On Sunday we are off to our Church Sunday school Camp and this is a week of fun and time with God.

5. Hayfever relief - I have really bad hayfever which ruins my enjoyment of this lovely weather so I am thankful that I have access to medicine which can help relieve these symptoms.

Love Collette x


  1. Love your blog name :)

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for participating this week with the "Cafe Chat"...please feel free to come back every Thursday :)

  2. Hey Collette! Thanks for stopping by today. How awesome to get comments from the other side of the world. I bet Scotland is beautiful! So glad you're having lovely weather to enjoy it's beauty.

    Getting together with friends is always a plus. I love how y'all refer to vacations as holidays. Why on earth do we not call them that here? It suits the occasion so much better.

    Thank goodness for that medicine. It would be awful to not be able to enjoy the sunshine.

    Hope you have a beautiful day today,

  3. I liked your Thankful Thursday a lot better than mine, so I joined in the fun! Love your blog layout! (Can't remember if I told you last time!) It's caught my eye more than any other I have seen.

  4. If you get ot tired of the rain you can always send it to me. We are dying here in Texas. This is the first summer that I lived here in Sugar Land where it has not rained everyday.

  5. I love your number 2. Very good list!!

  6. Ohhhh Thankful Thursday sounds like a fantastic idea, heading over to Sonya's page now!

    oh, and Im all for supermarket shopping online!!

    Stopping by from SITS,

  7. I am allergic to pollen and take shots and allergy meds for that too.

    I hope you have a lovely time at camp!

    Yeah, I very carefully pronounced the word "booth" just to be sure!

  8. Collette,
    It rainned today..finally!!! LOL

  9. It's always good to remmeber why we are thankful! Yeah for thankful thursdays!!!
    stopping by from sits!

  10. I need to online grocery shop to stop those impulse buys. That was most of the items in our cart yesterday. :)

    I am still working on being more thankful. There's always lots to be thankful for, but it seems the bad stuff just seems to stick out more.

    Stopping by from SITS.


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