Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Amazing Grace!

Last night I was at our Bible study group for the slightly younger women in our Church. It is a house group and there were around 8 of us. The study we are doing is called Knowing Christ Crucified.

So far we have studied the topics of Christ's death as Sacrifice, Substitution and Reconciliation. Our studies are challenging, stimulating and at times heated debate takes place!

What struck me last night was the gracious way in which we all respect each others opinions. We all have opinions on how to lead our lives, to parent, to spread the Gospel, and what we hear from the Bible but we still respect each other.

There is unity.

Lately I have been reading a blog or two in which one post can orchestrate a huge debate on topics very close to peoples' hearts. Comments are usually sensitive but some are not at times.

It saddens me that women get so caught up in these debates and defensive and condemning. It isn't always explicit and sometimes a subtle message. We can be so passionate and enthusiastic about the path we have chosen for our lives or our children that we don't think about our readers or friends or approach things in a balanced way.

I am so thankful to God for Grace. God has laid out a way for us to lead our lives in His book and we can do so. However, we need to mindful of becoming legalistic about the truths in the Bible.

For example, the woman who has to work outside the home. The Bible seems to suggest women are to stay at home (although it doesn't out and out say this, it is all interpretation in my opinion). So will God not bless the woman who goes to work and loves the Lord with all her heart? It could so easily be the case that a woman staying at home could not be right with her walk with the Lord.

In my humble opinion it isn't the outward actions it is our hearts that matter to the Lord. It doesn't mean we have free reign to disobey the Lord and sin. But God has given us, through Jesus, the gift of Grace. God wants our hearts to be obedient to him and then our actions and life will follow suit.

Terri Lynne at Pleasing to you has written an excellent post on idolatry among Christians. Please have a look and be challenged! I know I have been!


  1. Excellent post, Collette! I love your example about working vs. staying home - it's the heart that is the issue! Over and over in Scripture we are told that ... to obey is better than sacrifice, God looks at the heart. LOVE THIS!! Thank you. {And thank you for the kind link love.}

  2. Any friend of Teri Lynne's is a friend of mine! I'm so glad she pointed me your way this morning. Love this post and thank you for the reminder of God's great grace. And, to practice it too!

    Kristin @theschellcafe

  3. Yep, agreed. Outward appearance (or actions) are not always a reflection of what's inside someone's heart. Very well written!

  4. I absolutely agree that it's all about the heart. Does the person love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength? God looks at our hearts, while man looks at the outward appearance. Great reminders today, my friend!

  5. I agree! God would rather have our obedience than our sacrifice.


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