Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Head covering again!

This morning I got an e-mail with this lovely little video about head covering and why this person thinks we should do it!

I don't cover my head at Church at the moment except when breaking bread. I have never fully made my mind up on this issue but the arguments for covering at every Church service are really stacking up and I feel more moved to doing so after watching this video.

I am not saying everyone should do so but I just enjoyed reading the scripture in this wee video and the music! So have a watch and tell me what you think!


  1. Hello - suspect you already know my thoughts on this subject, but I found a couple of interesting and thought-provoking articles I thought you might like to read.

    This one's by the pastor of an American evangelical church, Emmanuel Bible Fellowship (they have an interesting website too):


    This one is written by a New Testament scholar and very academic (kept having to reach for the dictionary!) but really interesting:


    Enjoy when you get a free 4 hours or so!

    Love Cathy

  2. Hi Cathy! I had a read at both these articles which seem quite similar. I like how the second article examines the various arguments in more detail. (needed a dictionary too though!).

    What bothers me is how complicated these arguments are! I remember reading somewhere that if we are examining scripture and the writer is long winded, uneccesarily complicated etc then we should approach such explanations very cautiously. (we shouldn't over simplyfy though).

    I have always found that explanations of scripture which are quite plain and straightforward are often most sensible to me! Maybe that is more to do with me being quite simple at times!

    I agree with a lot of what they have said but I don't think I agree with their conclusions entirely. I also don't view wearing a headcovering as humiliating at all. If I view it as obedience and a symbol to the angels as this video describes then how could I?
    Although I am sure many women would view it as humiliating but then is that not more to do with feminism and the way it has crept into church????

    The debates carries on!!!!
    Love Collette


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