Monday, 12 July 2010

Small talk.

Last night Jacob and I sat on the sofa together and read a few pages of his little bible.  While discussing the little questions at the end of each section, Jacob asked why we need to tell others about Jesus.  So I went on to explain about what Jesus commanded us to do.  He then said that if you don’t believe in Jesus then you will go to hell.  He also mentioned a few people who have not had their hearts opened yet to Jesus. 


This really hit me hard listening to my wee boy being so factual about it.  He has spoken of heaven before and how he is going there one day but never really about the other side of the coin.  From this short but meaningful conversation I felt an urge about the following;

  • the absolute necessity and urgency to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone.  People need salvation now as we just don’t know the minute of when our lives may end or when the Lord may return.

  • the total harsh reality of what is at stake here.  When I was living steeped in sin I never thought about where I was headed.  Now as a Christian I am utterly thankful to God for Jesus and forgiveness.  Last night my little boy heightened my awareness of the need to not be afraid and to share about Jesus.  I find it very difficult to tell others and pray God gives me opportunities and the words to use and even Jacob said he would find it hard telling his school friends what he believes. 


The conversation served to be a sobering reminder of all that is at stake and how we need to use the strength God gives us to talk to people about the wonderful gift available to them.

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