Monday, 23 November 2009

God is everywhere!

Hello everyone! Finally I am able to return to a normal blogging schedule. We are all well again and over the worst of illness thankfully.

During this time God has spoken to us as a family so many times and it has been lovely. Jacob was off school most of last week which meant he and his sister spent a lot of time together. There were the inevitable fights of course but some sweet moments as well!

I brought Jacob's duvet downstairs for him to cosy under and he and Emma snuggled together at one end of the sofa. They just chatted together and Emma began asking Jacob why did God give us eyes, hair, chins, mouths and so on!! He answered most of her questions and it was just adorable to see them chat together this way!

Last night Emma decided it would be fun to wake at 2am and start singing. She was singing Thank You God for Snails and it was lovely! I wasn't happy that she wouldn't go back to sleep but I was touched to hear her sing her heart out!

At Church on Sunday both my kids go off to their own Sunday school classes now. Emma is in the toddlers class and loves this wee class. Jacob was so enthusiastic about his lesson yesterday and was desperate to tell me all about it when I went in to collect him. It is so encouraging to see your kids loving God and enjoying all that they are learning about him. We have such a wonderful group of friends at Church who all love Jesus and our children can see this in them.

God has truly spoken to me during all this illness and I am thankful to Him for these moments.


  1. Glad to hear y'all are on the mend!!

  2. So good to have you back and everyone feeling better!!!

  3. Oh welcome back ... I've missed you! Between my sickness & trips and the illnesses at your house, it just seems forever since we've "seen" each other! Great post. ((hugs))

  4. What a sweet little blog you have! So colorful and warm. I'm always happy to find blogs that glorify Jesus...

  5. I'm glad that everything is running back to normal. It's hard when the kids are sick.

    And there's nothing better than hearing our kids singing praises to the Lord!


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