Monday, 9 November 2009

Making your Home sing Monday.

This Monday I am back on track and joining Nan at Moms the word for Making your Home sing Monday.

I have an admission to make. I have not been in prayer or God's word very much at all lately. There, I said it!! Life has been busy over the last few weeks and this has meant that any Bible reading or regular prayer has fallen by the wayside. I know this shouldn't be the case.

The problem I have is getting 'quiet time' with God. The kids wake at ridiculously early times in the morning so I have no way of doing it then. In the evening, once the kids are in bed I often get my quilting projects out and spend time on these.

I don't feel proud of myself when I go through these 'episodes'. Some weeks I can throw myself into the Bible and pray frequently, but then other weeks such as recently I experience a self imposed drought.

This is one of my weaknesses I hate about myself. It is almost cyclical and I don't like this side of myself one little bit!!!

SO; This week, to make my home sing, I need to pray about all of this! Either that I accept it for what it is or make changes to my life that will be consistent and not erratic.


  1. Thank you for your honesty and for linking up! We all develop some bad habits sometimes in regards to our quiet times with the Lord. The key is to prayerfully examine those habits and to ask for the Lord's help to change them, which you are doing!

    So you're on the right track. Of course He will cause us to make time for Him. He wants to spend time with us!

    Sometimes, we may be faithful to spend time with Him each day, but we may be in a "hurry." I've been guilty of that one as well.

  2. Praying with you! It is tough sometimes, especially when your kids are young.

    Blessings, andrea

  3. Hi Collette. I think we all get guilty of this one way or another. The good thing is that there is conviction with ourselves and our desire to chaange.

  4. Collette, you asked me if being home makes it more difficult to stay consistent and I have to say unequivocably, "YES!". The most difficult part of being a SAHM who also homeschools is that we don't have outside constraints on our scheduling, so unless I set up, and abide by, routines, we just float through our days. Consistency is the lesson we all struggle to learn, so I think you should just accept it as your challenge and make it so. Don't beat yourself up...just know you did your best each day and understand that your best will be different each day and THAT IS OKAY!

  5. Collette - it is so easy to get away from the Word, but the great thing is, you can always get right back in! God knows your heart and He is right there waiting for you!

    Hide His words in your heart and He will always be right there!

  6. Hi Collette,

    I'm right there with you. Last week was crazy at best at our house. I keep a Bible in my bathroom. I mean no disrepect to the Scriptures, but sometimes in a busy day a 'bathroom break' is the only time I get to sit down and have a couple of minutes to myself. Even if it's just a couple of's better than nothing. I pray this week is better...for both of us!

  7. Quiet time is something I often struggle with too. I don't know why. God always speaks to me during these times. I should treasure them so that I crave them and hail them as the best part of my day. So, I'm on board with you on this one!


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