Saturday, 21 November 2009

we are all sick!

Hello dear friends! I am so sorry I have not been posting this week at all. On Tuesday I woke with an aching body and sore throat and cough. Jacob woke with the same. Colin ran around after me all day but then the next day he woke with the same! Basically we have been in the house since Tuesday and unable to do much at all. Jacob has been off school all week and is better but still sounding hoarse.

Emma seems to be about the best out of all of us! I thought I was better on Thursday but woke yesterday feeling bad again. It has been one of those weeks when the days all blur into each other and you can't remember which day it is. We are all going a bit stir crazy being stuck in together. Colin hasn't been able to work either and it doesn't look hopeful for the rest of his working week.

So that is why I haven't been blogging this week. I hope to be back a normal routine on Monday(surely Lord????). We haven't felt this bad for a long while and just wonder if it has been the dreaded swine flu.

Well I better be off to check on some of my patients who are still in bed! Even when mum is ill the work just doesn't stop.

Take care and missing you all!


  1. I'm so sorry you are all sick. I pray that you guys start feeling better soon. Take care and know prayers are being sent your way

  2. Hi Collette, I'm sorry you've all been sick. And you're right. No such thing as a sick day if you're a mom. I hope everyone will be back to normal soon! Praying!


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