Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I just have to talk about this!

Lately I have been reading lots of posts about Biblical Truths, obeying God, how we should be raising our children, homeschooling vs public schooling and a woman's role in the home according to God.

My heart has been saddened by some of what I read. Shouldn't we as mums be united in motherhood and supportive? Instead we judge and are opinionated very openly about what WE think the Bible tells us. Some are very dogmatic about this and will not budge.

I agree that the Bible is our textbook for living. I examine everything using the scriptures. I want to obey God with all my heart in the big and small things.

I don't think that because I send my child to public school that I am disobeying God. I don't think that because I am going to send my daughter to pre- school that I am disobeying God. I have thought long and hard on this and prayed so much and these are the conclusions I have come to.

The whole home school issue is just not as much of a hot potato here in the UK as in the US. People do it here but just not to the same extent. Does that mean that all Christians who don't are being disobedient?

These issues remind me of the head covering issue. I remember struggling with the idea of this when I first became a Christian. However, that is for another blog post!

I just wish that as Christians we would have more understanding towards each other. We should be united not divided.

The main thing is that parents stay engaged with their children, immerse them in God's word, pray with them and for them, love them immensely, are part of a thriving, vibrant Church of fellow Believers passionate about the Lord!

The influence of other friends and family cannot be discounted. Church fellowship is so vital to our children as well. They need others they can go to as well as mum and dad. My friends are so important to me and I would confidently allow any of my kids to talk to any of our Christian friends knowing that they would receive sound advice and counsel.

How can you learn to defend what you believe if you have never been put in that position? I know for kids that being a Christian in the world can be hard. However we need to trust God to protect them and strengthen our kids. For a while I was so so worried about this with Jacob. However, through the advice of people wiser than myself ( you know who you are ;) ) I have come to realise that it really is all about trust and prayer.

Jacob will learn that being a Christian is not always easy and accepted in the wider world. Paul speaks so much about suffering and how ours is nothing compared to that of Christ. I think we forget this and try to wrap our little ones up too much. How can they grow in faith if they are not able to discuss why they believe what they do with others? It is good to be challenged because this makes you really think about your faith! I remember being challenged very directly about my faith by some work colleagues not long after I became a Christian. It was scary and I felt very shaken by it but I was so proud that I had obeyed God and stood up for what I believed in!

I hope I haven't offended anyone in discussing these issues! It's just that they have been running around my head for several weeks now and I felt really moved to say something about how I feel about it all. Especially since I live in the UK where there is such a different climate about schooling. I think that families who home school are fantastic and gifted! It is a lovely thing to do with your children if that is what they want.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18 (NIV)

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;

Romans 5:3 (NIV)

Please feel free to comment on what you think and what your experiences are of obeying God!


  1. Hi Collette! I think that was perfectly written! I know there are so many Christians who can be very self righteous. All families are called differently (homeschooling vs. pub. school). If we are being obedient to what the Lords will is, it shouldn't matter what X & Y are doing w/ their families.

  2. I love what my husband says. When people question us about homeschooling, he says, "homeschooling is not for everyone". I think people who think that homeschooling is the only way to go is wrong to make others feel bad.

    We homeschool, but our options always stay open simply because things may happen that we have to put our kids back in school. There are very Godly people who work in school systems and who make a wonderful impression on others.

    Thanks for sharing this post today!

  3. Hi Collette,
    I have to agree with Jennifer, we homeschool, but homeschooling is not for everyone. As far as my thinking goes, it doesn't matter to me if you public school or homeschool. It doesn't matter to me that you work outside the home or are a stay at home wife and mome. What does matter to me is your relationship with Jesus Christ. I highly doubt when we stand before Him, He's going to ask us about whether we homeschooled or not. I believe He's going to want to know what we chose to do with His Son.
    Very well written my friend!

  4. I agree completely. I know that my family was called to homeschool but I am not going to try to guess what God wants you to do. I posted on this a couple weeks ago myself.

    It just occurred to me though, that possibly we are hearing the more vocal people on either side. Those that are less emphatic, rarely weigh in on the debates.

    So I completely respect your decision to put your kids in school because you know your family better than I do.

  5. Great post. School is so important. Our children are taught "things" in school. They develop vital relationships there. I don't know about public schools there, but here it's getting really bad. "They" are in the makes of releasing curriculum that involves gay couples as a family unit. I think that is something that should be taught in the home, not by the school. Such sensitive issues should be left up to the parents. "They" are also in the makes of releasing a sex ed curriculum that teaches about masturbation and abortion. This particular curriculum starts at age 5. It has different sets up to age 16. I was HORRIFIED by this. If we move away from this wonderful small town we are in, I will be hitting the home schooling process pretty hard. So much freedom is being taken away from us and the family unit is being redefined, without our permission. Frustrating!!! Charlie was crying because he wanted Betsy and I wouldn't let him have her! He's a little rotten!

  6. I have to agree, just because homeschooling workes for us, doesen't mean it works for everyone, When the girls were both in school, it helped me, but then Hannah needed to be at home because of all the health issues, we let Sarahstay at school the first year, then the second, we ended up pulling Sarah aswell, now theyboth homeschool, it is what is best of the family. Who cares about the "others" they aren't accountable to God for our children, we are. I am glad that traditional schooling is working for Jacob. He can be a light for Jesus at school too. Also it will help him see that mom and dad are doing what the feel God wants them to do for their family. Not just following the trends of others. God bless you for taking a stand for your beliefs. I wasn't offeneded. God knows your heart. Thats what matters.
    Love and prayers, Lori

  7. Collette,

    I completely support your position on this. No one should judge what is the right way to school your children. God alone sits on that throne to judge.

    I have done both and feel guidance from God whenever each child decides what path is best for them. My highschool child is actively involved in sharing her faith on campus, participates in the Christian club which is on a public school grounds, and most of her friends that attend there also attend our church. How else can some kids be exposed to the word of God if not by the actions of our children? They are the light in a dark world, so they bring hope when they attend school. It provides an example to others of a difference.

    I will continue to pray for you that people will remove their judgements from you and leave that to God. I pray that whatever God leads our children to do while they are away, He will ultimately be the one watching over them. If we can't trust God with our kids, who can we trust??

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I have to agree with everyone. Homeschooling isn't for everyone and you aren't disobeying God by not doing it. I do wish mothers would support each other more but sadly not all do.

  9. Good post.
    Homeschooling is nowhere near so popular in the UK as the US(from what I can gather about US homeschooling!) .. and I certainly don't think it ungodly to send children to school.

  10. Girl how you school your kids is your business, with prayer and guidance from our Father. He is the ultimate authority! And I agree, it is hard when you see so much negative, both ways. We did public school and then pulled them out to homeschool because of learning issues with my oldest. I've done it both ways.
    You do what is best for Your children, period! And we all need to support each other's decisions either way we go!

  11. This was a great post, Collette! And reflects just one of many reasons I am happy to give you an award on my blog. Stop by Friday to "pick it up"! ((Hugs))

  12. O.k., I made a comment but don't know if it went through or not as I hit a wrong key but the comment disappeared.

    Anyway, just saying that people definitely have their opinions about homeschooling, that's for sure.

    Fortunately, all we really need to concern ourselves with is what the Lord has called us to do!

  13. I am so much with you. I am a missionary and my kids are going to public school, which is something that is not normal for my fundamental church. I must admit that when it was time to make a decission, public school was not an option, and I think this was why I prayed for 3 years and didn´t get¨"my answer". I think I wasn´t asking God for His will, but that I was giving him a choice (public school or homeschool). I know God´s will for my girls right now is public school and I know many roll their eyes when I hear that. Well, it is ok, I know what God wants for me because I have prayed and have cried over it.

    Homeschooling is not an option here in Spain.

    Once you know you are doing God´s will we need to not care what others think. We also need to not think we know God´s will for other´s life.

    My pastor always tell me that Moses was raise in Egyptians schools and he turned out pretty well :)

    Our job is to bring them up spiritually in the home, and if we do so, what powerful witnesses they can be in their schools!

  14. I think I read the post that you came across, if it isn't the one I would be surprised. Anyways, it kind of got to me b/c it made me feel that I am not a "good" Christian b/c I send my kids to private school. I am a little frustrated by the blog I read

  15. I've read a lot about this lately too. It really just boils down to 2 things. Faith in what God has called us to. And humility in our choices.

  16. I have come to see homeschooling as a "calling" rather than a "commandment". It's very obscure when you are new to your calling and you assume that it is a commandment for everyone. This can happen in many areas of the Christian walk. I personally do not judge others who do not homeschool, and I hope my blog reflects that. I think it is very easy to be overly zealous about an idea that is new to you in such a way that can be offensive to others.. Also, keep in mind that blogs often help people work through the kinks of what they believe so their writing may be stronger because of it.

  17. Your post was very well written. We moms need to support each other. My five children attend public school. No, I do not agree with everything that they are taught, but we discuss it, and they know that not everyone has the same beliefs. My children did not attend pre-school only because I worked with them at home and was not ready to have them leave me for part of the day. It was my hang-up, not anything to do with the school. :)If your children are home-schooled or public schooled does not matter to me. We are moms. We should stick together and support one another. Have a blessed day.


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