Monday, 14 September 2009


Today I am linking up with Teri Lynne at Pleasing to You. She is celebrating her 100th post and is talking about Joy!

When I think of the word Joy I think of the acronym ; -
J esus
O thers
Y ourself.

I remember reading this in a new Believers Bible when I had only been a Christian for a short while.

How easy do we find it to live out our lives in this way? How hard is it? I find it difficult in the ordinary day to day. When I am at our Toddlers group, Sunday school or Church I am better at this. However, at home I become selfish all too quickly. Wanting to do what pleases me, wanting "me time"! I forget that Jesus is everywhere and I should not resort to laziness and selfishness even in the home.

At home I am there to serve my kids, my hubby but ultimately Jesus. I can do this by opening my home to others, reading my Bible and honouring God in all I do. Easier said than done though!! This is my aim, to always put Jesus first and foremost.

This is my prayer for today!


  1. Collette, this is such a sweet reminder to all of us. Thank you for being such an important part of my blog. Your ongoing encouragement and comments and support are rich blessings in my life! ((Hugs))

  2. Hey Collette,
    I will be praying for you to be able to keep Jesus first, it is easier to say, but keep working He is there to help. The girls and I enjoy lisening to praise and worship cd's when we are cleaning, it makes the time go so fast, and we love "making a joyful noise", even if it isn't on key. (O: Have a b lessed week.
    Much Love and Prayers,
    Lori and girls

  3. Hi Collette,
    I do this too. I will join you in that prayer as I need also to work on putting Jesus first. I always sing that "Jesus and Others and You" song to my'ld think I'd listen myself. Thanks for the good reminder!

  4. Collette,

    Oh how often I fall into that trap, especially towards the end of the day when there doesn't seem to be any more of me left to give? Thank you for reminding me to spend some more time in the word so that I may be refreshed in God's promises to take care of my needs!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I remember my Grandfather (who took ther service) mentioning this during my wedding service!!! Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.

    Thanks for the comments on my recent blog posts. Currently going through a tough time for numerous reasons.

  6. May you simply be splashed in His joy today dear friend.

    Hugs for your day,
    Sarah Dawn

  7. Collette,
    I always think of that acronym, too, and also have to keep reminding myself of it. Thank you for your post.

  8. We are very much alike! I go through the same things. Thanks for this reminder. I sure needed it. :)

  9. Oh Collette very well said! We all give into the selfish at times...the trick it realizing it and finding your way out...I'm trying!!

  10. Gosh, I know, that's soooo true! It's so easy to want to want to fulfill our "need" when we're home because we feel like we served everyone else all day. I am so guilty with having that mentality everyday!!

  11. Hey sister,
    I love the acronymn! Yes, I know the selfish thing (my sin:( oh to well! Great reminder of GOd's order of things

  12. Great prayer. I am guilty of wanting my time at home to be my me time as well. I, too, need to step back, pray, and go at it again!


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