Monday, 7 September 2009

Second Chances!

This is our favourite veggie tales song in the house at the moment! Jacob got this movie as a birthday present and watches it daily just now! Isn't it amazing how our God is indeed a God of second chances?

We have finished studying the book of Jonah at Church and all have learned so much from it. This film has really brought the story alive to the kids, Colin and I !!!! Of course it can never replace reading the story from the Bible. I just think it is wonderful for the kids to get excited about God and this is one way to help them get it.

If Jonah, a Prophet of God got a second chance then so can we!! We don't deserve it in our eyes. When we look at how we continually sin again and again and yet God forgives us for that, it is hard to fathom why he would forgive us. But he does because he wants to have a relationship with us. As a mum I love my kids even when they do bad things repeatedly. But I don't love their sinful behaviour. They are learning all the time and to an extent so are we! Being a mum has given me a new perspective on the way God loves us and forgives us. Dads will experience this too.

So this is how I am going to make my home sing today! Literally sing about God and His second chances.


  1. I love Veggie Tales. The hairbrush song is my favorite. My 5 yr old likes the Grapes of Wrath. (they never take a bath, what could be more exciting than that to a 5 yr old).

    Veggie Tales Rock!

  2. Collette,

    Oh how I love veggie tales because it gets excited and curious about the Bible. Sure the guards on the wall of Jericho didn't really thrown purple slushies on Joshua and his people but it gives our children something to hold on to.

    My favorite is Daniel and the Lions den where they are singing, "Oh now whatcha gonna do, the king likes Daniel more than me and you!"

    Thanks for sharing this as well. We are still buying these and share them at night with the kids.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Another great post! Being a mom has shed a new light on things and taught me more about God's love. His mercies are never ending. Praise God!! Great way to make your home sing!

  4. Being a mom has taught me so much about the Lord and His love for us! I, too, am glad that He forgives!

    How can we refuse to forgive others when He forgave us?

    Jonah ran away but God pursued Him. You can't run from God! If He has something for you to do, it is just better to do it and trust Him than to run away and try to do your own thing!

    Thank you for joining up today.

  5. Amen! Thank God for second chances!!


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