Saturday, 25 July 2009

Blog Hop 09

Hello fellow Blog Hoppers!! Well I definitely couldn't be at Blogher being in Scotland so it is lovely to have this opportunity to join in this great Blog party!

I am 33 years of age but quite often feel older! I have two kids: Jacob is nearly 5 and Emma is 2 and a half! My husband is Colin and he drives taxis for a living! We are both Christians and I have been for nearly 7 years. I love crafts of any kind and am trying my hand at digital scrapbooking at the moment. Loving it!

I am a contributing writer at a fantastic new blog to be launched in September this year! You will love it! Watch this space for more info.

If you want to take part in this Blog hop then click this link. Thanks to Robin at Pensieve for hosting this fab party!


  1. HI your above me so I wanted to say HI to you too YOUR blog is super cute

    hopping by to say hello

  2. Have a great weekend!
    Stopping by via the blog hop to say hello!

  3. I can almost hear the birdies on the sidebars twittering, lovely!

    Glad I hopped on by to meet you and will explore and read more of your blog as soon as I finish this comment.

    Be blessed and be a blessing

  4. Hopping by to say, "Hi!"


  5. Nice to meet you!

    I would love for you to visit me and comment on my Blog Hop Post:

  6. Stopping by via the Blog Hop.

    Nice to "meet" you. :-)

  7. It would have been an awfully long trip from Scotland, huh?! Nice to "meet" you! Love your blog design!

  8. Hi, came over from the blog hop...your blog is SO pretty, love it! I too am interested in digital scrapbooking! Have a wonderful weekend, Diane

  9. You have a beautiful blog and I love the points on your header.

    I loved doing digital scrapbooking, there weren't any stupid little bits of paper to clean up, no worries about my kids messing with my scissors (my son used my good scrapping scissors on the cord to the lightbox. It didn't hurt him but burned a hole in the scissors).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. your blog is absolutely beautiful!!! i love the colors and the design!! thanks for 'hopping' by my blog earlier... loved this blog-hop. what fun!

  11. Hey There!
    Stopping over from the Blog Hop. Nice to meet a friend from far across the world!

  12. Stopping by from Blog Hop--I love your site design..the fabric birdies are adorable. I am a 27 year old mum of four. Bean 7, Sam 6, Mac 3, and Pixie 1.

    I am very very busy and NEED blogging friends to help me keep my waning sanity:) As I am sure you do to. Looking forward to following a fellow Christian !

    <3 sarasophia
    --stop by and say hello if you get a chance!!--

  13. you are adorable! i'm so glad to "meet" you via Blog Hop '09!

    feel free to hop over my direction!
    the great adventure

  14. Great to meet you! I'm glad you got us to hop on over. ;)


It is always lovely to hear from my readers and I enjoy all you have to share!

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