Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Don't we have so much to be thankful for? It is easy to grumble and complain about our days but we should make an effort to search out the blessings each day. Sonya Lee at Truth 4 the Journey hosts Thankful Thursday each week. Here you list 5 things you are thankful to God for. If you wish to join in then click this link!

My list has a theme this week of things that make me feel alive!

  • The feeling of rain falling on me! This just makes me feel alive and in touch with nature.
  • The sound of children laughing, giggling, screaming for joy! We were at a birthday party at the weekend and all the kids played on a bouncy castle. They just love life and have such fun. Children approach life with gusto and I just love that God created them!
  • The power of God through the weather! While out walking with the kids, the wind picked up and became quite strong. The kids looked a little worried but I reassured them it was fine and just a strong gust of wind.
  • Dancing! (Behind closed curtains normally!). I love dancing with the kids to silly music. It is such fun to just let go of inhibitions and become fun mummy for a change instead of a disciplinarian!
  • Singing at Church. We have a fantastic bunch of individuals who play music at Church. They are talented and dedicated to praising God through music. I love it when the whole Church sing wonderfully together and it is amazing to just close your eyes and listen to this praise fill the Church all for Jesus.
I am so thankful to God for the ability to do these things and enjoy them. I am thankful for a safe week so far and each and every day is a gift to us. Let us ensure we remain focused on the good things in our lives and not be dragged down by any suffering we endure.


  1. Oh, Collette, what a beautiful post! THANK YOU for reminding me why it is important to treasure every thing ... so often I lose sight of the "small" ways God continually blesses me!

  2. This is such a lovely list! What a celebration of God's creation and the gifts and graces He bestows upon us!

  3. Collette I LOVE your list this week!! Especially #1. It reminds me of when my kiddos were little and I would just let go and we would run and laugh and scream in the rain!
    Love you my friend!!

  4. Great list! I love dancing and being silly with children. Blessings, SusanD

  5. I love your TT list, Collette!! We love to dance too!!! Great exercise for us!

  6. I totally appreciated your closing comments, to look for the good and not get focused on the negative. WISDOM!

    Love to you,

  7. Oh, yes - Rain down on my Lord with refreshing and restoration! Thanks for this great list!

  8. Collette,

    I love your list. You truly took time to focus on some of the littlest details most of us miss, like the way rain or a gust of wind feels and the laughter of children, now when doesn't that put a smile on anyone's face.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Love your list sis. I love dancing and being silly w/my kids too. They help keep me child-like---otherwise I think I would shrivel up and live a boring life---well, maybe not completely:) Love you, Laurie

  10. I enjoyed reading your thankful list!

    Makes me smile:)

    Happy TT!

    Linda C

  11. I loved your comments and your list. Thanks for sharing. This was my first time to participate but look forward to doing this again.


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