Monday, 12 October 2009

The perfect child for one day only!

I love this photo of Jacob and Emma cunningly hiding behind the curtain! They are masters at playing hide and seek with mum as you can see! You can almost hear the giggles can't you?

Today I visited my mum and dad with the kids. As I was strapping Jacob into his car seat he proclaimed - "I am never going to be bad again!". I thought to myself, "can I have that in writing please!".

Jacob was terribly behaved over the last few days. I have no idea why. So as I got up out of bed this morning I wondered what lay ahead of me. I had a terrible night with Emma last night. She thought it would be great fun to wake mum (who had tried to get an early night!), and then proceed to repeatedly tell me that she wanted to go downstairs. This went on for ages and I just turned my back on her and told her to go to sleep! Of course she didn't and I eventually had to give her some milk and then she settled!

Jacob has been really well behaved all day today and I am so thankful that he has! Isn't it funny how God knows when you can't take anymore? He never gives us more than we can handle!

And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.
1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV.

I know that Jacob's exemplary behaviour won't last! After all he is a 5 year old wee boy. However, I would do well to remember that God gives me days like today when I am reminded that it isn't all a struggle. I admit that I haven't been too great at handling the stress of disciplining a 5 year old lately. It is such hard work and I find cheekiness and lack of obedience intolerable. I have looked lately and thought this is not the character I want for my child! Today though he was great and we heaped praise upon his lovely little head for being such a great boy! He looked very pleased with himself!

So long may it continue, but I am sure it won't. When the bad behaviour appears again I shall remind myself of the good days God gives and remind Jacob of these too!

Any discipline advice and character building advice would be most welcome !

Love Collette x


  1. Collette,

    I think praising your son for the behavior you wish for him to show is the perfect tool you can use. He wants to please you and hopefully he will do this more often.

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt prayers today with my hubby being away from home. It felt good to have prayers ascend to the throne room today.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I am having a time like that with my little one. It seems as soon as I can't take much more she turns super sweet. I keep telling myself she is helping me work on patience. I hope you have a good day tomorrow. ~Amy

  3. I think that is great that he recognized his previous behavior and realized that he needed to "change."

    What I've learned is that it's a heart issue (even w/ us adults). Whatever is in our hearts will show by our words or actions.

    Changing attitudes is only temporary, so we want to get to the "heart of the matter."

    Look up the verses that deal w/ the heart and go from there. Ask him if his behavior is lining up w/ Gods word. "Our" words may not convict our children, but the Lords will.

  4. It is hard to be patient and consistent, but man, it really pays off. We just have to remember not to take it personally and pray not to get frustrated. Sometimes it takes awhile for them to learn.

    There are some really awesome books out there that teach character traits to children. Websites like or have some books and ideas and things. Check out homeschooling sites, they have books like "Plants Grown Up" and other things that teach character traits through games and activities. We did that.


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