Saturday, 3 October 2009

Psalm Saturday

Photo credit: Wallpaper sites - BEN NEVIS, SCOTLAND.
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1 NIV.

When I was wakened by Emma this morning the wind was still howling from last night. It has been a very stormy night and it is still here this morning! I had a look out the window (it is still dark at 6.50am here!) and the rain was pouring but being blown sideways by the strength of the wind. It was quite scary but what a sight to look at!

For Psalm Saturday this week the verse above from Psalm 19 seems appropriate. Watching a storm is like watching God in action. He controls the seasons as he controls the seasons in our lives! The world is in his hands.

Have you ever visited some beautiful area of your country or the world and felt tiny and insignificant standing within it? I often feel like this when I look at the sea or am amongst hills with not much else around. It is a reminder that His hands made it all! We are meant to feel slightly fearful and in awe of His wonderful creation.


  1. I was thinking about you Howies this morning as I watched our street fill with rain (remembering you guys getting stranded at our's during the floods!).
    Thanfully not that bad this time!

  2. I did think of potential flooding as the rain poured and ran down from Borebrae!!!!

  3. Whenever I see a storm, I am reminded of God's power. I am glad he is all powerful. I love storms.

  4. I used to be very afraid of storms. Now, I kind of like to watch them from the porch. I am in awe of the power of a storm and aware of how I have absolutely no control over any bit of them. When I look across Lake Michigan (I don't live by the sea, but it is a huge lake) I do think of God and how powerful and fully in control He is over every part of my life and of everything that exists.

    I hope you don't get flooded out or anything like that.
    Blessings to you this weekend, Collette

  5. beautiful, as always, Collette.
    I hope the storm passes soon.
    Have a great Saturday!

  6. Yes, I do, but in a good way. I can feel comforted by the idea that there's something out there that God has created that is big and powerful.

  7. I always love visiting on Saturdays sweet one!

    (Just wondering how son is doing in school, still praying friend)

    Hugs for your day,
    Sarah Dawn

  8. Hi Collette,

    Storms always make me realize how truly powerless we are compared to God's strength. We are definitely at His mercy.

    Have a blessed Sunday!


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