Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Child like faith.

17I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Luke 18:17 NIV.

Jacob has really been enjoying reading his Children's Bible at bedtime lately. Colin bought this for him around a month ago and he loves it. What amazes me is his interest in the content and also what God is teaching Colin and I through this!

As adults our lives get so busy don't they? We have worries, distractions, jobs, and responsibilities. These all get in the way of God! Children don't have all of this stuff in their little lives and as a result can get connected with God in ways we find hard. What I have noticed is how accepting they are of God and his Word. They question, but not in the cynical way adults can do ( I have done this!). It is a thirst they have for knowledge! A natural curiosity.

Only last night, Colin read from Jacob's Bible with him and it was something that was new to Colin. He came downstairs and mentioned this and I told him how I had the same experience the other evening! We both agreed God is showing us new things through spending this time with Jacob.

God continues to amaze me with the many ways in which he speaks to us! God wants us to come to him like little children. Free of our distractions and worries. Just as we are. Like a child would go to his Father who loves him unconditionally and forgives them. I find this hard to do as I have so much going round in my head most of the time! May it be my prayer that I can wash myself of these distractions and come to God just as I am.


  1. God amazes me as well with the many ways He speaks to us. I am so thankful for how He uses my bloggy friends each day- thanks sis,

  2. Amen! I pray we can go to the Father as a child -- the innocence and trust of a child.

  3. To grab the faith of a child as an pleased our Father would be!!
    My prayer too, my friend!

  4. That's so true! If I had the time, my kids would want me to read their entire Children's Bible to them in one sitting. They just love to soak up Gods Word!!!!

    I wish I could always be so attentive as they are!!

  5. Collette,

    I got a tip about making all those distractions go away so we can get back to our child like nature and that is to create 10 minutes each morning and make a list. For 10 minutes you have to write specifically everything you are thankful for right down to the smallest detail for that day.

    I am going to try it and see where it takes me but I do know this, I need to clear my head and without pills, this is something I can master.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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