Monday, 31 August 2009

God in our homes

Monday again and so soon!! If you read my last post you will have seen a link to an excellent series about Christian homemaking.

This series asks whether you have a child centered or God centered home and offers advice on how to focus more on the latter. Well can I just say that of late I think my home has tended towards the kids ruling the roost. Much revolves around them (rightly so to an extent). However, lately with mischievous behaviour, attitude and a stroppy 2 and a half year old it has been hard to keep God at the centre of all this.

Colin and I need to be seeking God much more in these moments at home. We have been all to quick to turn on the TV and leave the kids to it. Don't get me wrong, they don't watch it all the time but they could watch it less. We could read the Bible together as a family, pray more, and be more discerning about what we watch and how we are glorifying God in our home.

God should be at the centre of my home. I certainly want Him to be. I want to be aware of his presence everywhere and for my kids to feel they live in a God filled home. It is too easy to get home and fall back into bad habits you wouldn't dream of displaying at Church. However, God sees it all! Even before we have sinned he knows we will!!!

So our aim as a family is;

6 Train a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6 NIV.

We can only do this with God's help. Colin and I need to be more radical in our Christianity and committed. We need to be fervent in prayer for our children, especially having one at school. I still am not totally at peace about the whole school thing because of the unnatural environment it is and peer influence. However, I am trusting God. Colin said that if God has taken a dealing in Jacob's life at such an early age, that he will protect him and has a plan for him.

So this is how I would like to make my home sing, not just today but always! I pray that God helps strengthen me and guide me to put Him first in my home. The responsibility of parenting is not to be taken lightly and we need to honour God's gift of children to us by investing as much as possible into raising Godly children, prepared to lead and defend their faith.


  1. Amen, my friend! I'm in total agreement w/ ya here!

  2. Great post. Definitely applies to my house and family as well.

  3. Oh how true! I need to do the same. Thank you for the great reminder. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Awesome post. I think, when we are intentional in our focus, that it is more likely to happen. Because we are thinking and praying about being more God-focused in our homes, and of course the Lord is going to honor that!

    Like your hubby said, He also is with your son daily as he goes to school, which is a comfort isn't it?

    Thank you for linking up today!

  5. Collette,

    My hubby and I were just having this discussion this morning on how to run a much more God centered home. The first thing we did was offer our home and everything in it to God for His purpose and glory. It removes a lot of stress out of the way for us.

    Now we are beginning our school days with prayer and devotions and ending them much the same way. The more God is in our homes the less we will stray from him.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Yes, great reminders! We really do want Jesus first, but keeping him there is a hard thing, isn't it? I'm always so cheered by these happy birds all over your blog.


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