Saturday, 8 August 2009

Psalm Saturday

Hello and welcome to Psalm Saturday! Today I share a verse, passage or full Psalm with you. My friends Deb from One Single Minute and Sandy at Sandy's Scripture and Prayer to share also join in so have a look at their posts! Feel free to take part and use my button above if you wish.

5 You are forgiving and good, O Lord,
abounding in love to all who call to you.

6 Hear my prayer, O LORD;
listen to my cry for mercy.

7 In the day of my trouble I will call to you,
for you will answer me.

Psalm 86:5-7 NIV.

I am finding the Psalms really speaking to me at the moment. My life is full of blessings and good things but I still struggle. The kids really, really played up last night. I struggled to get them to bed and Jacob was particularly naughty! He just wouldn't do what he was told at all and Emma was the same. I also struggle with low moods sometimes. The past week I have been quite unmotivated and idle.

Not a pretty picture I paint! Aren't these verses wonderful and comforting though! God HEARS our prayers. He answers us when we face trouble. All we have to do is CALL to him. Of course, we should be praying every day and thanking God for his forgiveness and blessings. However, we have a God who sticks by us through good and bad. When it all gets to much I can CALL to him and he will answer me in some way.

Thank you Lord that you love me, a wretch like me! Undeserving of your forgiveness or love, nowhere near to being the woman you want me to be, learning constantly through you, being humbled every day when I think of your mercy upon me.


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart. I love reading Psalms for the same reason too. I'm always encouraged after I read a verse or chapter!

    I pray you feel better. And no, you're not alone, my sweet friend!!

  2. Collette,
    I'm checking in on a computer at a hotel,before we leave it and won't be able to be back on the computer til tomorrow night or after. I did have a couple different Psalms that spoke to me this past week, and I read
    Psalm 8
    this morning.
    That is a beautiful one about considering God's awesome creation and how He has put us over all of creation!
    "O Lord, How majestic is Your name. . ."
    Have a great weekend!
    Thank you for your comments.
    I will be back to posting a Saturday Psalm next Saturday, and will mention your blog.

  3. Maybe it's just been a revelation to me this year...I don't know....but it's really become very real to me that God is perfect in keeping His long as we do our part!! Thanks for this Scripture, Collette...He abounds in love when I call on Him...just makes me want to keep on calling on Him!!!

  4. Collette,

    Very valuable passages to lean on when times seem so overwhelming. I feel God is never to far away simple a prayer away and I love that!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Yes, He is faithful. I don't know why we often don't call on Him sooner. It seems like we will wait and try to do it in our own strength, without even realizing it. I think we just get so busy sometimes we fail to turn to Him as soon as we should!

  6. I appreciate your transparency and your wonderfully honest post. I'm praying for you Collette.

  7. Thanks for you comment on My blog. I live in Bedford (50 miles north of London) so a LONG way south of you!!
    I have enjoyed my initial look around your blog and will be back!
    I'm baffled at the lack of UK blogs - especially Christian blogs... have you got any faves that i might like to read who are 'local'!!


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