Saturday, 29 August 2009

No Psalm today!

Hi all!! Today should be Psalm Saturday but I have not been able to prepare anything. I usually do my post first thing in my morning but today I have not done this. I need to get better at scheduling posts!!

Yesterday evening I had a bit of an epiphany. I discovered a blog which has an excellent series on Christian mothering. It is called A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. I have failed recently as a Christian mum. I haven't been spending quality time with the kids, I haven't been training them in the way they should go, I haven't been instilling God's word in their hearts and encouraging them with this. My house has become a child ruled house!!! It should be a God centered home! Discovering this excellent Biblical series has really made me re focus myself.

This all came to a head yesterday with Jacob's behaviour. He has been great at school but when he has been coming home he has kind of went off the rails. He has been violent towards his little sister and me, aggressive, rude, cheeky and such like. Not all the time but more often than I am willing to accept.

I am at fault too! I undermine Colin's discipline and decisions. I am far too bolshy for my own good and need to pray that God gives me a more submissive character. Colin is the leader of our home and I should show him more respect.

Today instead of switching the TV on and the PC on in the morning, I have been busying the kids with lots of chores. They have loved every minute of it. We all set the table for breakfast, cleared plates, they fed the cats, helped me bake biscuits, do some housework. I usually involve them in some of these things, but the problem is I am just not consistent enough. The Christian mother series covers so many aspects of parenting in one place. I think it is an excellent read and even study for mums.

They are watching veggie tales while I do this post. I don't feel guilty about this because I have spent so much time with them and I am going to do more things with them when I finish here!

I would urge all Christian mums and dads who haven't yet discovered this blog and series to take a look. It is excellent and life changing!

Click here for the link!.


  1. Collette, It's always good to reallize when we need to re-focus. I am praying for you and your family. Thank you for your blog.

  2. Collette,

    I think this is pretty critical right now in the midst of what is going on in the world, especially since it seems people are becoming more tolerant of things they wouldn't have years ago. SO our children need to be taught just how to get around in this complex world. Since Jesus is that standard, I too need to be doing this.

    I did pray over my oldest daughter's school bus on their way to the mountains for a leadership retreat. This is something as all moms we should be doing everyday is lifting our families up in prayer.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. I remember those days. Parenting is a challenge. I was not consistant enough in discipline. If I had it to do over, I would let my husband lead more often by trusting his decisions and not questioning them. Even if he was wrong, I could've trusted him that he was doing his best and with God's help all would be well. After all I wasn't always right in my decisions for our kids. My hubby is a good, Christian man and on a spiritual level wanted the same things for them, as I did- on that we were always together. God blessed our efforts in spite of our mistakes, but I do wish I'd been less of a strong willed wife.

    Blessings on you today as you strive to love and respect your husband and raise your children together for the Lord.

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing this blog! I have to admit I have fallen into a child ruled home more than I care to admit. I am looking over that blog now and there is so much I can soak in. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. Hi Collette,
    Thank you for sharing your heart. We struggle every year with behavior at the start of school. I have been so burdened this year to pray...pray, pray, pray. Kat is right, we do need to be lifting our families up in prayer often. I will pray for you too. I'm thankful that your heart is open to hearing what the Lord is teaching you.

  6. Hi Collette! I think the great thing about it, is that you recognize what is happening, and with the Lord, you can change it. I have been guilty of all the things you mentioned, and I know when "enough is enough." But, it was my fault in the beginning to even let it get that far.


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