Thursday, 20 August 2009

Friday featured Blog

Welcome to another Friday featured Blog. Today I am delighted to have the wonderful Teri Lynne Underwood from Pleasing to You. Her blog is truly inspirational! Teri lead a thoughtful online Bible study on the book of Philippians which I took part in. I love to read her writing and she is such a knowledgeable lady when it comes to her Bible. So another fantastic guest post today. I hope you enjoy this as much I did and visit my bloggy friend.


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The Greater Treasure

"To desire only what Christ gives and not to desire Christ Himself is to be bought off by little trinkets, never to own the greater treasure of His indwelling presence."

~ Calvin Miller, Into the Depths of God

Often I find myself yearning for something deeper in my Christian walk yet filling my days with activity and busy-ness. I wonder sometimes why I feel stymied but I often fail to recognize that it was I who detoured on my walk with Christ.

My prayers are filled (more than I'd like to admit) with vain repetitions. And my life certainly lacks a consistent manner of placing others ahead of myself.

Too many times I am busy with "Christian" things and I miss the joy and peace of a Christ-centered life.

Bought off by trinkets, my faith is far too often shallow and my focus routinely strays.

But ... I don't want to settle for the cheap - an imitation of faith.

I long to jump headfirst into the deep "greater treasure of His indwelling presence."

And so, I relinquish my need for attention and busy schedule.

I lay down my dreams of doing great things.

I listen more than I talk - to God and to others.

The result is that precious intimacy ... being with "THE GREAT I AM." A treasure beyond words, a fulfillment beyond description.

Today, I ask you ... What is your treasure? And I urge you ... Bask in the very real presence of Christ.


  1. Wow!! That was heavy...and really makes me think about my personal walk w/ the Lord!!!

  2. Oh, Collette, thank you for this kind honor. I am humbled and appreciative to share a part of my heart with your sweet readers. You are such a dear person and I am thankful the internet has brought you into my life!

  3. Thanks. That is a great challange. Especially right now as the business of school starts up and my mornings are full of prep rather than lazily awaiting my kids getting up. I need to get my priorities in order. Thanks Teri Lynne and Collette! Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for this inspirational and thought provoking post! It definitely makes you really think about what is important right now in our lives today and live according to that purpose.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. That was wonderful Collette and Teri!

  6. WOW, thanks! ONce again your post has made me think about where I am and what I am focusing on. Your posts always get me thinking about where I need to be

  7. Terrific post...

    P.S. Thanks for your kind words about our kitty. It was time, but it still wasn't easy.


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