Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Veggie Tales

I just had to share this with all of you. Right now the kids are loving watching Veggie Tales! I am sure many of you know and love these shows. I just love it and Jacob especially follows it really well and enjoys the fun. So I wanted to share the theme song with you all! They also have a fantastic website with all the DVDs but also games, activities, and even advice for parents! Click here for more.

I think it is a fantastic tool for teaching kids vital lessons about God ALONG WITH THE BIBLE of course. The Bible should be our first point of reference but these shows really reinforce the point in a fun way for them I think.

So here is a wee video of the funny theme song! Enjoy, Jacob certainly did!


  1. Veggie Tales was a staple at our house with our two!!...and let me let you in on something...even as old as our 2 are (16&18) they STILL love to watch Veggie Tales!!!!! As a matter of fact, just a couple of days ago we were singing "Oh Where is My Hairbrush" together in the car!!!!!!!!! :o)
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We love Veggie Tales! Ok my kids think they are outgrowing it but we will break out in The Hairbrush Song, or Barbara Manatee or some other song.

  3. That's what my 6 and 7yr old are doing today. 1) so mommy can finish unpacking and 2) so daddy can sleep b/c he is sick. I picked up 8 or 9 new Veggie Tales movies for them last week for .99 cents at Goodwill and boy were they happy.

  4. I have to confess that I LOVE Veggie Tales. I watch it with the sweet grandyoungin's and my favorite one is King George and the rubber ducky.

  5. Collette,

    I love Veggie Tales! This has always been one of our favorite sing alongs as well as the Cebu song, Barbara Manatee and Madame Blueberry my favorite episode of the Veggie Tales.

    Love the video, my hubby asked me to play it for him.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. I love VT. My kids (when I am blessed with them -- some day) will be watching these, I guarantee! My Student Bible I bought when I graduated even has a VT Bible cover!

  7. We never really got into Vegie Tales. Are kids were a bit older when we heard of it so they never really watched it much.

    However, I know several adults who love it and know the songs, lol!

  8. I love Veggie Tales and ironically my kids haven't really gotten into them. Weird, huh? But, they bless me nonetheless:) Blessings, Laurie

  9. We are "Veggie" fans here! We hadn't watched any for a while and then the other day I got them down and the kids loved it. Always good.

  10. I love the stuff toys of Veggie tales.


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