Thursday, 27 August 2009

Friday featured Blog.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV.

I wanted to devote Friday to highlighting a blog which I love, that inspires, encourages, teaches, restores and challenges. Blogs that are faithful to God's word, women that yearn to deepen their relationship with God and bring others to Christ.

Today the wonderful Casey from Ramblings of a Housewife has written a post. Casey is such an example to me. She has been having some serious health problems and is such a strong person. She is a mum to 4 beautiful girls and a wife. I love reading her blog posts as she is so positive when faced with adversity. I am delighted to share her blog with you all.


Over to Casey!

There is one thing I need in my life more than anything else and when I neglect this need I notice a difference in how things go. I notice that I do things I shouldn't, I tend to seem down and depressed, and I just don't have any motivation. When I have this amazing thing in my life things can still be hard but I've got the world in my hands so to say.

What is this wonderful thing that I need more than anything? Simple, God! If I don't take time for God and neglect my responsibilities as a daughter of Christ then I don't give my all in everything I do in life. Studying the word and obeying what God wants me to do encourages me in all areas of life. I notice that the days where I read the word and live a life according to the scriptures, that I'm happy and know that I am loved by the greatest power there is. I may still go through hard times but with God by my side I know that he will help me get through everything.

I know he doesn't give me more than I can handle and even though it is hard to keep track of that when going through hard times, it is something we all need to remember.

I am going through some health struggles currently and I hate to admit this but I have neglected God more times than I care to admit. Thankfully I am able to ask forgiveness and be forgiven and there isn't a stopping point at which God says "no, you can't be forgiven anymore." I couldn't imagine living a life without God being the center.

I want to encourage everyone to spend at least 5 minutes of their day in the word. As a mom of 4 very young girls I know that this can be hard but for 5 minutes just sit down. Sit somewhere comfy and even if the kids are running around screaming like crazy just read the word for 5 minutes. I usually tell mine "girls, mommy is going to sit for 5 minutes and read my bible, you are more than welcome to play but mommy really needs this time and then I will be back to playing with you". It won't harm the kids for mommy to be in the word for that 5 minutes and even though it isn't completely quiet while you read you are still reading, which is the important part.

Don't neglect God, read his word, live a life according to him. You will notice a difference in your life I promise you!

With Many Blessings,
Casey Kolb


  1. I love being able to check out new blogs!! Thank you so much for this meme you do, Collette! So sweet!

  2. Great choice and great advice from Casey!

  3. Thanks for featuring me! I was and am so nervous about my writing!

  4. This was a great interview Collette and meeting new people along the way is so inspiring for all of us. Casey does share some great advice. It's also a great way for moms to get a "second wind" so they have more to give by spending time in God's word.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Collette,

    What a great idea to feature a blog you love. She is right...we should never neglect God. Thanks for your comment today.

  6. I LOVE Casey! She has been such a strength for me these past few months!! Honestly I am not sure I stumbled onto her blog but I did and I know it was a God thing!

    I love your blog!! The birdies are so CUTE!!! I have a thing for cute birds!! I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better!!



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